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June 26, 2019

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JUNE 7, 2017

 Editor-In-Chief's Note: As I said in my Autoextremist Brand Image Meter column this week, there’s no use telling Korean auto executives what to do. They know absolutely everything there is to know about absolutely everything. Which I would imagine gets old if you're trying to make a difference there. Would that possibly have something to do with Hyundai's top sales guy, Derrick Hatami, leaving the company? (As Hyundai PR kindly pointed out to me, Derrick left for a new opportunity, he was not let go. And it was announced today - 6/8 - that VW has named Hatami as its new head of U.S. sales and marketing.) The ugly reality for Hyundai? The company has lost its mojo in the U.S. market. Remember, Hyundai just jettisoned its U.S. CEO, Dave Zuchowski, last December. According to Automotive News, Hyundai brand sales dropped 18 percent in May, to 58,259 units. That's also six straight months of sales declines, year over year. For 2017, sales are down 7.5 percent to 283,547 units. Hyundai's notorious shortsighted thinking is on full display here. They look for quick fixes and fire executives left and right instead of taking a long, hard look at the way they do business. The company makes strategic and product mistakes, then it plays the blame game because, well, you know, it's never their fault. This just in: Yeah, it is. -PMD

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The latest from the "Fools And Their Money" File. This is the new 2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series Coupe, which Porsche calls "the most powerful 911 Turbo S ever." Now, before we go any further, no manufacturer in the world has turned extracting boatloads of money from its True Believer enthusiasts into an art form more than Porsche. The company comes up with so many special editions and packages to generate more cash that it makes our head spin. Make no mistake, Greed Is Good in Zuffenhausen. So what's the deal with this latest rolling cash machine designed to soak the Porsche faithful? Its 3.8-liter, twin-turbo flat-six engine with a power kit delivers 607HP and a maximum torque of 553 lb.-ft. between 2,250 and 4,000 rpm. 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds; 124 mph comes in 9.6 seconds making it a whopping 0.3 seconds faster than the standard 911 Turbo S. (Really? 0.3 seconds? Don't hurt yourself.) Top track speed is 205 mph. It comes with a bunch of stuff as standard, which we don't care to bother listing. The car is limited - of course - to 500 units worldwide. And if you happen to give a shit, you should know that it is finished by hand in the new Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur at Porsche AG's headquarters in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, formerly known as "Porsche Exclusive." For the first time ever, Porsche customers can have the optional matching chronograph from Porsche Design configured in the same specification as their car. (OMG!!!) How much will it cost you to be the biggest tool in the shed? The 2018 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series Coupe starts at $257,500. The Porsche Design Chronograph 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series will be optionally available at Porsche dealerships for those who buy the vehicle. U.S. pricing for the watch has yet to be determined (don't worry it will be Hose-O-Rama too.). Oh, we almost forgot, there's a five-piece luggage set that costs $6,324 too. 

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