No. 844,
April 27, 2016

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A marriage made in Hell.

With Sergio continuing to step on his dick, (on a daily basis it seems), and the powers-that-be at NASCAR stepping on their dicks, (not as often as Sergio does, but too often, sadly enough), what with the whole Tony Stewart/lug nuts/$35,000 fine/about face fiasco, perhaps Sergio needs to consider a merger with NASCAR?

If there were ever two arrogant, clueless entities totally deserving of each other, it's them. It's truly a match made in heaven, (so sayeth this atheist).

Mark M.
Shenandoah, Iowa

Sleepy time.

Yes, the ATS and the CTS are almost impossible to distinguish at a distance. Likewise, half the times I think I see a CTS, it is an XTS. Recently, I parked my second gen CTS behind a third gen CTS, and it was clear that whoever blunted the angles made a mistake. Drama has given way to lozenge. Yawn.

Casey Raskob, Esq
Croton on Hudson, New York


Ball of confusion.

I have seen the new CT6 at a Cadillac dealer and was completely underwhelmed. To look at it and sit in it is exactly like sitting in an XTS. Not only that but who is going to buy a 60k car with a 4-cylinder that has the stop start feature which kicks your foot when you slow down? The CT6 was also in white which is not a good color to show it off. Black would have been far better.

I don't think Cadillac is going to be very successful with this car. It might sell all that it can produce to the ex-GMers and retirees this year, but next year it will be a dud. That, plus GM is still going to make the XTS, CTS and ATS, for about the same money, and it is going to confuse everyone.

Sarasota, Florida

Why yes, yes they do!

Nice to know Peter and I, based on our common age, are not in the demographic currently targeted by Cadillac. Used to be, I was too young for Cadillac. And without my noticing it, I'm suddenly too old.

That's fine. I accidentally owned a Cadillac back in the Eighties, as the ex bought one while I was out of town. It was expensive junk. (Well, both were, he said bitterly.)

Do you think Mercedes-Benz, Audi, or BMW view my money as within their target range?

Atlanta, Georgia

Ouch, Baby.

“…let's face it, does 'first ever' CT6 mean anything to anybody?”

Wasn't “the first G6” Pontiac's tagline circa 2007? Just sayin'.

Dave M.
Houston, Texas

Fire away.

I am not a marketing man nor do I know much about the world of advertising. I'm just the man who actually buys the products offered. I have said for years that car makers need to go back to giving the various models actual names. The letter-number alphanumeric soup used by American automakers is unimaginative. At least the Germans have some sense of order to their letter-number names. We all know an A8 is bigger than an A4, for example.

Cadillac needs to return to using real live NAMES for their cars. Sure, the “[noun] de Ville” naming convention may be outdated, but at least it meant something. The Cadillac people in sophisticated, cosmopolitan, New York must have enough imagination to come up with SOMETHING. If not, fire them.

D. J. Mann
Henderson, Nevada


The reality of a fading Fiat.

Peter, a recent sign of the ongoing collapse of the Fiat brand around these parts. The local dealer around here, Ray Skillman, just remodeled a existing small showroom into a Fiat point about 6 months ago. Last week they started offering 150 brand new 500's starting at $8,999.00!! Full warranty, not program cars, not damaged. Haven't seen something like that since the Mitsubishi 0/0/0 blowout. OK, how much cash is FCA having to put on the back end of those things for that move? Big sign of major desperation and is the deal dealers get if they didn't dump the franchise that rich?

Interesting times for sure.

Mark F.
Indianapolis, Indiana



One Big Mistake.

I never understood targeting only certain types of people to sell cars. Absolutely you are going to have stronger demographics with certain cars, but don't you want to sell cars to as many people as you can? Isn't it a fact that the people who have been successful in life, buy a Cadillac or Lincoln in their later years? There is a serious run-down on you tube about the CT6. I won't mention the website, but it demonstrates that it truly is a very special car. With some remarkable engineering... and an absolutely stupid name. It's amazing to me how much damage can be done with one mistake.

Doug Smith
Kunkletown, Pennsylvania


Oh no he didn't!

Well said, Peter, on the Paris Auto Show keeping the faith, as it were. The Miura was not inspired by a prone Asian man in a suit… just sayin'.

And as a reasonably comfortable, nigh-50ish man, Cadillac is officially on the radar for the next car. That said, you could not be more spot-on with the infuriating move to alpha-numerical naming. Shameful for any company not born in Munich or Tokyo, and even more so for one with a long and colorful history. Even though the XT5/SRX outsells the collective Escalade models by more than 2X over the last four years, can anyone fathom the Escalade being recast as the XT8? God and baby Jesus, did I just rename the last bastion of brand sanity at Cadillac???

Tony W.
Mount Joy, Pennsylvania


Cadillac: The Hard Numbers.

What, no more female models at auto shows? There goes the last reason for visiting the Fiat stand.

Cadillac: They sold exactly 69 vehicles in Germany January through March 2016. Here comes a stunning fact: I actually saw one on the autobahn last week. But I have no idea which model it was. Probably a CTX 5.6. But, like the rest of us, I'm too old anyway.

Jochen K.
Birkenau, Germany


Johan de Nysschen’s Long Row To Hoe.

Concerning Johan’s ‘Behind the scenes’ repair jobs, if the state of the Cadillac service zone representative’s attitudes are any gauge, it will take one hell of a long time to bring about meaningful change. Having worked in a Cadillac store’s service department in the first decade of the 21st Century, you would have thought it was still the booming 60’s when it came to the attitudes of their reps. Arrogant doesn’t even begin to describe them. Also they were the nit-pickiest bunch I have ever seen. We used to get regular lectures about how many bulbs (Bulbs!!) we were replacing under warranty. (On an aside, the only cars that go through bulbs more than Caddy are those made by the lone surviving Swedish brand-but that is another subject.) Anyway I wish Johan the best in his quest. I have always admired Cadillac and hope he can steer the ship back to it’s once greatness as ‘The Standard Of The World’.

Cleveland, Ohio

The Cadillac marketing mess.

45-year-old Escalade owner here, '16 Platinum. This isn't my fist Escalade, nor my first Cadillac. Your comments about Cadillac are spot on. Except you forgot to include one person in your diatribe--the ultra-hip, the rest of us are ignorant buffoons, Melody Lee. I've noticed this shift in “attitude” the last few years. Cadillac looks down on anyone over 40 as excess garbage to be disposed of YESTERDAY. What these clueless morons don't understand is that the average 20-something can't afford an Escalade, no matter how hard they try. As the son of a Cadillac enthusiast, and someone who knows the history of “The Standard of the World” and the “Car of Cars”' I'd rather see GM just pull the plug on Cadillac than continue with this “unmitigated bullshit”.

Knoxville, Tennessee

Editor-In-Chief's Note: I didn't forget about too-hip-for-school Ms. Lee. I've said plenty about her in the past, and probably will so again. -PMD

The High-Octane Truth.

Does first ever CT6 mean anything to anybody? Why yes it does. It speaks to me. Its say “Better look now because in 5 years I will be called something else.” I can remember anniversary editions and final editions from years not long ago. Why? because at one time automakers kept names around long enough for people to know what the hell the car was. When you said you owned an Eldorado, people knew it was a Cadillac. Now if you tell someone you own a CT6, they have no idea if it's a Samsung phone or a flat screen TV. At least Lincoln has the balls to stop this nonsense. Continental... you know it when you hear it even if you have never seen it.

Plymouth, Michigan

You can do it!

So Johan de Nysschen is renaming all the Cadillacs in some hieroglyphics that no one can understand? He was at Infiniti for only a short time but screwed up their already alphanumeric system. At least a G was a G and an M was an M. Now?? Same with Cadillac, change for the sake of change and you are, as always, spot on that this will take years to get people used to if they ever do. I agree that Cadillac's styling was edgy and groundbreaking at first but now the cars are too similar to each other. Seen this before with Audis but somehow the size difference makes it so that you know which is which. Can't tell that amongst the Caddys. World class cars require world class naming and styling. Come on, Cadillac, you can do it!

E. Gillman
Budd Lake, New Jersey

Would you miss it?

4-5 years ago in Wexford, a north burb of Pittsburgh, one of the really big automotive families was building a new brick showroom and shop facility on Route 19. This was to be their new Fiat dealership. This family of dealerships covered almost all makes of cars available in the US and they have many locations around Pittsburgh. You could assume that they were really connected to the needs and wants of the auto buying public. Property along this section of highway is very expensive due to the high amount of traffic that uses this road every day. Well, I went by this location last week and noticed the “NISSAN” sign on the building. Scratch another Fiat dealer off the list.

Franklin, Pennsylvania

Double shot.

Wow, what a great idea in one of your emails! Let's have Sergio buy NASCAR (or vice versa), and then when the whole shebang goes under, the world would be rid of TWO huge pains in the ass in one fell swoop.

Ted R.
Raleigh, North Carolina

Who knew?

Mmmmmmm... the best selling Cadillac is the one with a NAME!

Lou Faiella
Netcong, New Jersey



Not on the radar.

The Millenials in my family buy and lease Volkswagens, Hondas and Lexuses. If Cadillac offers anything for them, they haven't heard about it.

Note to Cadillac: New York City residents don't drive.

Mike Halloran
Pembroke Pines, Florida


If Donald Trump does not win the GOP nomination, perhaps he can then concentrate to “Make Cadillac Great Again” instead of America. Someone's got to do it. So far, at least, Johan, Uwe, Melody and the rest of the Soho gang don't seem to be cutting the dijon mustard.

Royal Oak, Michigan


From a former Cadillac “True Believer.”

My entire time at GM ('88 – '99) was at Cadillac. There were many dark days then. There were many bright days, too. I have no doubt about the technical competence of the vehicles. I have some doubt about where “Art & Science” goes from here. I have extreme doubt about marketing & sales. Some millennials might be interested in Cadillac someday. 11% net margin sounds nice. Mr. de Nysschen and Mr. Ellinghaus might have better luck with that at Proctor & Gamble. This is not fun to watch.

C. W. Bahlman
Dearborn, Michigan

A pod in every pot!

FCA + Google seems like a good exit for Sergio and gives Google access to Automotive Engineering and Manufacturing talent. If Sergio is lucky, he'll get to sell off Jeep/Ram, pocket those profits and take a buy-out from Alphabet Inc. Then Alphabet/Google do to Dodge/Chrysler what they did with Motorola Mobile... DESTROY IT while retaining the Intellectual Property and any “true believers” with vision. They are buying manufacturing knowledge. Oh, they get some factories out of it too… gotta build those self-driving pods somewhere!

Chris Westcott
Laguna Niguel, California



We're sorry.

Jeez. I just paid off my mortgage, eradicated my credit card debt and got a decent raise. Now I see that RJM of Knoxville says that Cadillac is no longer interested in selling to me? Scratch another brand off my list.

Detroit, Michigan

A giant 'We'll See."

FCA licensing Google's (technically Alphabet) proven self-driving car technology and stamping “powered by Google” on their vehicles makes more sense than Alphabet getting into the low-margin business of manufacturing and retailing automobiles through some kind of cash or equity tie-up. There's absolutely nothing attractive about FCA as an investment. If they're smart (and they are) they'll license it to others as well.

Jacksonville, Florida