No. 898
May 24, 2017

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Shortsighted Ford.

The removal of Fields seemed very shortsighted to me. I think Ford should have focused more on its main products and how to improve them (particularly the Escape which despite selling the bucketload doesn't have a hybrid version and has one of the worse, if not the worse fuel economy in the marketplace) than unicorns. A smarter strategy for the mobility issue would be to let someone else do the work, then buy them up once they go bankrupt. Greeley took a similar attitude with Volvo when a certain automaker got rid of them cheap (and don't get me wrong, I thought it was the right strategy at the time). I am pretty confident that Fields will find a new home quickly. He's an extremely talented individual.

Paul G.
Silver Spring, Maryland

Farmers and such.

I agree with you that Hackett is a “a giant we'll see.” But the record profits during Fields 3-year tenure had more to do with the restructuring by Alan Mulally and an uptick in the economic cycle than anything that Fields did on his own. Fields was in the right place at the right time for those record profits. He's like a second generation farmer who gets a record harvest. But the harvest was mainly due to the foresight of his father planting all the trees and the good fortune of some favorable weather.

Frank S.
Rochester, Michigan

Editor-In-Chief's Note: That isn't correct. Mark Fields was, in fact, one of the chief contributors to Alan Mulally's strategy and the one responsible for fully executing it. -PMD