No. 885
February 22, 2017

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Does NASCAR have a complaint email?

I doubt it because after the shit storm of a race that used to be called Daytona, that server would likely be in ashes today. WTF is with this segment racing shit? Racing is not a stick & ball sport and does not have quarters or innings — we race until we run out of laps. No fake “reset” cautions and no score. I only watched a few cup races last year (what I used to call the “precious few” worth watching; Daytona, Talladega, Darlington, Michigan, Sonoma and Watkins Glen). After that shit yesterday, I'm officially done with CRAPCAR.

Rochester, New York

NASCAR Follies.

Having given up on the sport years ago, I decided to try and watch the Daytona 500. I saw commercial after commercial. Twenty minutes of Choo-Choo train, and just gave up. It's an absolute joke. Take the plates off, drop the aero dynamics, and let these guys drive.

Doug Smith
Kunkletown, Pennsylvania

Got any better ideas?

Yesterday's Daytona 500 was a crash fest, but the last ten laps was, for me, edge-of-the-seat stuff as far as to the outcome. Yes, I could do without the “big one” crashes that take out completely innocent bystander fan favorites (like Jr. yesterday), but I am wondering what you would propose to change this. If we accept that four-wheeled motor racing has evolved to the point where, for safety reasons, speeds have topped out, are we destined to racing where only fuel economy, pit stops, and crashes determine the winners?

Errol Kovitch
Rochester Hills, Michigan

Editor-In-Chief's Note:
I have a few. 1. Cut the engine displacement to 3.0-liter V8s. 2. Remove the restrictor-plates. 3. Severely curtail aero development (each manufacturer gets one week of their choice in the wind tunnel, which will be it for the entire year). 4. Remove the first 25 rows of seating (minimum) around every super speedway. 5. Do away with the "segment" racing/points idea immediately. 6. Go to center-locking wheel hubs, on-board jacking and dry-break refueling hoses (doing away with the five lug nuts on each wheel, the use of floor jacks and gas cans). 7. Let 'em race.

Silver lining?

I agree with most of what is being said about NASCAR, and I would like to add, the 5-minute pit repair rule. REALLY?? I'm just waiting for a rushed repair job to come flying apart, and go into the grandstands. The one hope that I have, though, is that the debacle that has become CRASHCAR will start pushing race fans back to their local tracks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. That's where I will be, for sure.

Kevin Wilson
No. 14 TQ Midget Owner/Driver NYPA Midget Association
Buffalo, New York

Fixin' NASCAR.

Since none of the cars competing in NASCAR are available with the V8 engines they currently run, and everybody hates restrictor-plate racing, run them with STOCK engines. Use the available V6s. Let all the engine builders do their thing with them, but retain the stock bore/stroke and the stock cam profiles, valve diameters and valve geometry.This should cut around 80 mph off of the top speeds. Then, the boys can actually race

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

The "Do-Over" Racing Series.

After the amazingly dull Daytona 500 last Sunday, I felt the need to weigh in. I fell asleep just before the end of the first segment; I tried to stay awake to see what all the fuss was about at the end of the second, only to be greeted by an endless red flag situation. Just shy of the halfway point, I turned off the TV.

Is this what NASCAR has been reduced to? Frickin' do-overs? I have long admired the commitment and professionalism (and expertise and cunning and sense of fun) that the teams, owners and drivers have shown through all the good and bad years, but this is a new low for racing in general. Totally opaque, senseless rules and scoring; manufactured suspense; and interminable “TV Cautions.”

I wish the networks and the France family would just get the hell out of the way and let the guys race, for the love of God. What a concept. I do believe I have witnessed better racing on my 4×8 plywood-mounted Strombecker slot car setup from 1965.

Decatur, Georgia