No. 757,
July 23, 2014

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Deny, obfuscate, intimidate... you know, the usual.

The only surprise to me regarding the GM ignition switch fiasco and the direct involvement of the GM Legal Department is that it has remained front page news for this long.  It is a simple fact that the job of in-house and outside corporate defense counsel is to hide, lie, deny, obfuscate, intimidate and out-spend anyone who has the temerity to bring a lawsuit for injuries and death.  Documents disappear, employees are "woodshedded" to make sure they toe the company line and the victims of defective vehicles are demonized as "gold diggers."  The list is really endless--the Pinto, Ford C6 transmissions and Explorer, Volkswagon "ejection seats," the aptly-named Pontiac Fiero, just to name a few. The American consumer has the right not to unwittingly be the final test driver for vehicles sold in this country.

C. Thronson
Salt Lake City, Utah

James Garner.

I was hoping you would mention the passing of James Garner.  He was one of my favorite actors and a genuine car guy.  His resume included the classic rmovie Grand Prix, owning a race team, doing much of the driving in The Rockford Files, and running the pace car at Indy, multiple times.

Since James Garner and Paul Newman have both passed, who would you consider as the next generation of actor-drivers?  Patrick Dempsey is the only name that comes to mind.

Phoenix, Arizona

Editor-in-Chief's Note: James Garner was one of our favorites, so the news of his passing was very sad. He was good in everything he appeared in, and of course he was a huge racing enthusiast and friend to the sport of motor racing. He will always and forever be Pete Aron, my favorite James Garner role. - PMD


The Patsy.

"And if she’s not careful, it might just cost her the CEO job down the road."

Isn't she, for all Akerson's intents and purposes, set up to be 'the patsy'? What kind of serious hand-picked 'appointment' was she anyway?  

Two possibilities come to mind:

1. If she didn't see what a no-win position she was in from the start, she's already done.
2. If she knew what she was up against, she needs to have the courage to take one quick, deft swing with her Katana at each of the Hydra heads that keep the institution of GM from truly advancing and leading, then fall on the sword.

Either way, she's a goner, but in my view it's up to her - Zero or Hero? The clock is ticking...

P.S. As always, I'm pulling for Hero.

Goshen, Indiana