No. 824,
November 25, 2015

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Amazing Disruption!

“It has gotten a little tedious, don’t you think? Make that a lot tedious, to the point that it’s sickening.” … I have to agree. Had the same discussion with a friend recently. The overuse of the word “AMAZING” is applied to even the most banal things these days. Like this coffee is AMAZING!!!, this pen is AMAZING!!. It's “AMAZING”, but not in a good way!! And yes, actually listening to the voice of the customer??!! An amazingly disruptive idea!!

Frank S.
Rochester, Michigan


A vote for the Fiata 124.

In defense of the ‘Fix It All the Time’ 124, at least it doesn't look like it was left in the oven too long.

Cleveland, Ohio


The NASCAR Shuffle.

Congratulations to Kyle Busch, and the Gibbs racing organization. I had the pleasure of doing some work for the Washington Redskins while Joe Gibbs was their coach, and I think there is no classier person in sports, period.

That said, it strikes me as a bit wacky that the guys who won the most and second most races during the season were not eligible to compete for the championship. I have thought (that is, on the rare occasion that I actually think about NASCAR) from day one that the Chase format was pretty stupid, and a knee jerk reaction to keep some interest at the end of the death march schedule. But to have the possibility of a guy who won only one race (Gordon, also one of the classiest people in sports) win it over guys who won way more times, ain't the answer. I don't know what the answer is, and obviously neither does NASCAR, but the whole situation the way it is now is the very definition of ridiculous.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! I can't say it out loud anywhere around here where I live. And sorry about that exclamation point.

Ted R. Raleigh
Raleigh, North Carolina

Editor's Note: Watch what Peter really thinks about NASCAR in episode No. 6 of The High-Octane Truth here. -WG


From the "Man Of Few Words" File.

Amen! (sorry about the exclamation point) re today's (11-23) rant.

Phil Bezaire
Windsor, Ontario, Canada



We don't call it "racertainment" for nothin'.

It's both sad and telling that even though I am a Kyle Busch fan, I didn't bother watching the race. I haven't watched one since Darlington in September. I watched a total of 2-4 this year and I don't see myself watching any in the future, nor can I muster up much (if any) enthusiasm for his championship. I just don't care about NA$CAR (deliberate typo) anymore. The France family (not just Brian, but earlier than him as well) has finally killed my almost fifty years of interest in and love of the sport. The Bixarroland aspect that has been created with the constantly tweaked and adjusted idiocy known as the Chase, along with their refusal to see that they are driving away the hard core fans with their manipulations is the main force behind my disdain of the sports entertainment that they've turned this into.

Mark M.
Shenandoah, Iowa


Throwin' Sergio a bone.

Reluctantly, I have to give a half a kudo to the Fiat 124 external stylist. If you could slap a Mazda badge on it, we would have something. I like the front end styling better than the Miata.

Cleveland, Ohio


Buzz kill.

“Disruption” is just the latest Flavor of the Day in corporate PR buzzwords and will have no more impact on the grand scheme of things than “Moving forward,” “Forming Partnerships,” and “Reaching out” had any real positive effect on anything regarding corporate leadership beyond allowing these people to believe they were speaking some special language that the rest of us unwashed should be in awe of. I was never impressed, and am even less impressed with the new version.

Eric Marr
Appleton, Wisconsin


Dems were da' dayz.

Back in the day when I worked for a car company that lived in Highland Park, we devised a game called Buzzword Bingo. It provided a bit of light entertainment while we sat in meetings and listened to somebody drone on and on about the really great way we were going to conduct business... this week.

I see that the game would still be viable although we'd have to make some new game cards with more up-to-date buzzwords. I concluded that folks who talked with buzzwords had no clue about the business we were supposed to be in. They felt the need to leave their mark on the operation and peeing on the podium corner was not likely to be accepted.

Wilmington, North Carolina

"Oh they never returned, no they never returned and their fate is still unlearned..."

What concerns me about Silicon Valley and the People That Are Smarter Than Us is their short attention span. They will inevitably get bored with all this car stuff and move on to the Next Thing. What happens to those self-driving cars then?

Kevin Kovach
Allen Park, Michigan



The basic rule I learned early on in my journalistic career: Exclamation marks will only be used to announce the arrival of the little green men from Mars. For all other news: Period.

Jochen Kruse
Birkenau, Germany


Making sense.

Been a NASCAR fan since I was a kid, I'm now 62. And I'm a Gordon fan (since he raced open wheel, what a talent). But I HATE the Chase format. I prefer the points format though I would support more points for a win. I remember a season when Ryan Newman won around 9 races and didn't win the championship, more points for the winner would have likely solved that but, all that said, there is something to be said in racing for consistency as well. Especially over a long season. I am a proponent for slowing the cars down and making the drivers more involved in the outcome rather than the engineers. And not by the ridiculous restrictor plate, but by mandating smaller engines and lower horsepower. For me the lure of professional racing has always been the talent of the drivers and not only their bravery. It is why I am a fan of rally racing. Those folks can DRIVE!! So bring back the driving to NASCAR and I believe the fans would return.

Budd Lake, New Jersey