No. 964
September 19, 2018

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Reality rears its ugly head.

I agree with you point about the infrastructure not being in place to support all these electric vehicles. The thought came to mind as I drove through a neighborhood in a nearby city. Cars were parked nose to tail on each side of the street because the people live in apartment buildings with no driveway or garage. How in the world would all these folks charge their cars every night? Who would control/pay for the power outlets? Where do you put the cables? On street parking is a free for all, how could you be sure you get to park by your outlet? I don’t want to even think of the complications of 2 or 3 feet of snow and ice piled up on top of high voltage chargers in these same parking areas. It all seems very workable when you park your Tesla in your private attached garage, but reality on the street is a different matter.

Southbury, Connecticut

Derivative? Audi be thy name.

Memo to Audi re: the new “e-tron:” Ford called. They want the front end of the Escape and the rear of the Lincoln MKC back.

Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Where the REAL money will be. 

So I'm thinking that, what with our shiny, happy all-electrified future bearing down upon us, I had a thought about where the REAL money will be in all of this.

Whatever people want to do to pass the time while their cars recharge. Around town, that could be restaurants and stores – kinda like what we have available now in he 20 mile radius from home. But what about those taking a road trip? What to to do during the 4-, 6-, or 8-hour recharge times?

I see a combination gym, coffee house, laundromat, by-the-hour hotel, dentist, medical center, pharmacy, strip mall, restaurant, movie theater, stage theater, auto detailing service, grocery store, petting zoo, indoor golf/baseball/soccer/swimming and bicycle racing facility, beauty salon, barber shop, martial arts studio, foreign language school, car dealership (for trading in the electric car for something a little more useful), chapel, psychiatrist, outpatient rhinoplasty center, museum, art gallery, cooking school, adult ed school, taxidermy shoppe, Tesla museum, H&R Block tax center, personal injury law office, casino, cigar shop, naked furniture DIY center, outdoor sports center with stocked fishing pond, dialysis center, Swedish massage parlor, funeral home, equestrian center, online university, temporary employment center (why not make some extra cash while waiting?), religious cult, anti-cult psychiatrist, home brewing store…

It's gonna take while so you might as well find a way to be productive while you're waiting, right?

Motown – and Beyond


Scott Dixon.

I agree 100% with your opinion of Scott Dixon. I read a fair amount about racing history and in a lot of ways he reminds me of some of the racers in the past who were supremely talented, humble gentleman both in and out of the car. His speed, race craft, and general attitude about racing, along with his prodigious skill, are to me the perfect combination of what a racing driver should be. I’d rank him right up there with all the great ones from the past. And he ain’t done yet!

Ted R.
Raleigh, North Carolina