No. 762,
August 27, 2014

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Au contraire, It's a Wonderful Life!

I am really unhappy with the description “swirling maelstrom of shit masquerading as the world we live in today”. I’ve processed it for a day and half and just disagree. Life above ground ain’t so bad. I hope it is just literary license that was exercised. (I’m going to put this with “swinging dickism” and wait for Jamie Kitman to plagiarize you once again.)

May all your maelstroms be sweet.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Different world.

This week's Rant reminds me of a phrase from the early 1990's as I struggled to understand some of the stupidity in the auto industry. "Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM."

Boy is it a different world now.

Chuck S.
Royal Oak, Michigan

Purging the mediocrity.

How do we flush out the mediocrity which is devouring us ? How about starting with the schools that graduate those who can't read or write ? And then flush the corrupt press while we're at it.

Cleveland, Ohio

IndyCar's downward spiral.

As an example of how IndyCar is just flying the whole enterprise into the ground is exemplified by the upcoming finale at Fontana. The schedule shows nothing worth paying for on Saturday until the race, which begins at 10:20 pm Eastern. With tickets starting at $50 they may have to be given away by the thousands, like in Milwaukee, rather than have the stands look too embarrassingly empty. But, then at that hour on a Saturday night of a Labor day weekend, there won't be too many viewing anyway.

Rick M.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The IndyCar Fantasy schedule.

I like it.  The clowns at 16th and Georgetown never think out of the box.

Bob S.
Cummings, Georgia

From the "Don't Let The Bastards Win" File.

Ilegitimatus non carborundum.

Mike D.
Flushing, Michigan