No. 852
June 22, 2016

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The Fix was in.

After the official Test Day at Le Mans, the Corvettes were buried to let the Fords rise to the top... R U kidding? 1-2 in testing and only 13th on the grid?

Hackensack, New Jersey

Editor-In-Chief's Note:
Yes, and politics in racing is new to you? We received several emails about Le Mans on this very subject. Here's the deal: The ACO made it clear a year ago that they wanted a Ford vs. Ferrari battle in GTE PRO, and that's exactly what happened. Was Corvette Racing screwed? Yes. Did they know it was coming? Yes, they did, but they were still very unhappy about it and had every right to be. Did the Fords sandbag on the Test Day? Probably. Did the whole thing suck? If you weren't running a Ford, yes. But it doesn't take away from the fact that the Ford team raced hard for 24 Hours and they delivered a impressive win under the circumstances they were given. Those circumstances will probably change again for next year's race, as the ACO is the French version of NASCAR, or more accurately, FIFA. Politics sucks. Politics in racing really sucks. -PMD

Proof in the Pudding.

Just goes to show what happens when THE PRODUCT is put first and foremost. Product development informs the engineering, the execution and the overall process. Ford showed us what they can do when the True Believers are given the reigns, albeit with some clearly-defined parameters. That ability seems to show through to Ford's other products as well. And perhaps that is the most impressive aspect of the Le Mans win.


Ford's tainted win.

If Ford and the ACO think what has been done here (at Le Mans) is lost on the fans they are mistaken. As you said, you received several emails yourself. The shock, disbelief and anger raging across any number of enthusiast websites confirms the sentiment. The taint that will hang over this is forever and disgraces the history of the marque. Some things are not worth their cost. Ford secured a “win”. All they had to pay was honor, integrity and respect. At least the ACO helped them foot the bill.

Brian Wright
Queens, Nee York

S.O.P. in the "blame" culture.

Regarding the results of LeMans: rule changes are nothing new. If my memories from childhood are correct, after Ford won LeMans four times, the ACO (or whatever they were called in the 1960s) changed the rules to limit displacement to keep Ferrari happy. So no more 7 litre engines from Ford. So 50 years later something similar happens to Corvette. “plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose” (the more things change, the more they stay the same) as the French say.

Fair? Hardly. But, why blame Ford?

Oakville, Ontario, Canada