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October 16, 2019

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OCTOBER 16, 2019

Editor-in-Chief's Note: Remember the Chevrolet Bolt EV? You may not know this, but GM is still making it. In fact, the 2020 Bolt EV has been improved fairly significantly.
 The Bolt EV will offer an EPA-estimated 259 miles of range on a full charge, a 21-mile increase over previous model years. To achieve this notable range increase, Chevrolet’s battery engineering team improved the energy of the cell electrodes by making small but impactful changes to the cell chemistry. This innovative thinking allowed the team to implement the range increase without needing to change the physical battery pack and the way it is integrated into the vehicle structure. “The Chevrolet Bolt EV has been changing consumer perceptions of electric vehicles since its launch in 2016,” said Steve Majoros, director of Chevrolet Passenger Car and Crossover Marketing. “Great range — now even more — is the foundation of the Bolt EV’s success, and when paired with features like one-pedal driving, Regen on Demand and the instant torque of the EV motor, the vehicle delivers an exceptional driving experience. Chevrolet also is helping to encourage EV adoption by providing customers the necessary tools and services to make EV ownership more convenient.” That all sounds nice, but Majoros and Co. have failed the Bolt from Day One. Instead of using it as the tip of GM's technological spear, the Bolt was marketed regionally and with little proper fanfare. This is a highly-competitive EV that has been MIA since its introduction, which is simply inexcusable. By the way, the 2020 Bolt EV will arrive in dealerships later this year with a starting MSRP of $37,495 (including destination and freight charges, excludes tax, title, license, dealer fees). And Chevrolet has announced a partnership with Qmerit that will enable EV owners a seamless way to find and obtain quotes from certified electricians to install at-home charging equipment. Chevrolet is the first non-luxury car brand to offer this service, and its partnership with Qmerit will provide customers with a more accessible at-home charging solution. So there's that, but WordGirl has something to add as well. -PMD. Editor's Note: "The game-changing Chevrolet Bolt EV will now take customers even farther." And so begins the GM press release announcing the 2020 Bolt EV. The Bolt was game-changing - back in 2016 when it beat the Tesla Model 3 to market. The marketing geniuses at Chevrolet, however, failed to make the world take notice. Adding 21 more EV miles to the 2020 Bolt EV certainly doesn't qualify as "game-changing." Now, GM is claiming they've cracked the range/price puzzle; all they have to do is educate their dealers. According to an article in this week's Automotive News, "Chevy sees the Bolt as a springboard for General Motors' evolution to an all-electric future, but the brand has learned that it needs to educate dealers and lean on its experts — the engineers — to communicate with customers and enthusiasts." Hold on, wait just a second here. GM has been in "the game" with their dealers since the Volt was introduced in 2010. Has it really taken a decade for GM to figure out that it needs to educate its dealers about EVs? From where I sit, the Volt was the first GM car to "change the game" and should have blazed the way for GM's all-electric, Tesla-rivaling future. The Bolt EV is now their second engineering triumph and second marketing failure in the EV game. -WG

(VW images)
Volkswagen of America, Inc. has unveiled the all-new 2020 Atlas Cross Sport. The five-seater version of the Atlas midsize SUV features a pseudo coupe-like design as well as "advanced connectivity and driver-assistance systems," according to VW PR minions. The Cross Sport is 2.8 inches shorter and 2.3 inches lower than the current Atlas. It is 78.3 inches wide and rides on the same 117.3-inch wheelbase. The Cross Sport has 111.8 cubic feet of passenger space, with 40.3 cu ft of luggage space behind the second-row seats and 77.8 cu ft with the second row folded. The Cross Sport will be available with two powertrains: a 276HP V6 and a turbocharged, direct-injected, TSI® four-cylinder engine with 235HP. Both engines are connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission and are available with Volkswagen’s 4Motion® all-wheel-drive system. The V6 is rated at 5,000 pounds for towing, when equipped with the V6 Towing package. There will be eight - count 'em! - trim levels: S, SE, SE w/Tech, SE w/Tech R-Line, SEL, SEL R-Line, SEL Premium and SEL Premium R-Line. More details and pricing will be announced ahead of the launch in the Spring of 2020.

AE Song Lyrics of the Week:

Six o'clock already
I was just in the middle of a dream
I was kissin' Valentino
By a crystal blue Italian stream

But I can't be late
'Cause then I guess I just won't get paid
These are the days
When you wish your bed was already made

It's just another manic Monday
I wish it was Sunday
That's my funday
An I-don't-have-to-run day
It's just another manic Monday

Have to catch an early train
Got to be to work by nine
And if I had an aeroplane
I still couldn't make it on time

"Manic Monday" (Written by Prince) Performed by The Bangles